Electronic Shifer Kit


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This shifter will fit just about any motorcycle and has the power to shift even heavy transmissions like Harley-Davidson and Moto Guzzi.

The Kliktronic Universal kit consists of a handlebar switch, control box, a mounting bracket and the actuator. Installation usually takes about 4 to 6 hours and is quite easy to do. Most bikers that do some work on their own motorcycles will be able to install it themselves. The install is not difficult, BUT it must be exact. The electrical connections are very easy—-+ battery, -battery and a hot ignition on wire connection.

On most bikes there is usually a convenient spot to mount the actuator, either to the frame or to the primary drive area. On Harley-Davidson open V-twin motorcycles the front frame down tube works well in most cases. The control box is slightly larger than a pack of cigarettes and is easy to fit under the seat or in the faring.

The switch assembly goes down on the left handlebar between the grip and the clutch lever housing and needs ¼” of space. The weight of the unit is about 5 pounds which has little or no effect on the power to weight ratios.. It lends itself to race applications extremely well, be it drag, road or street racing. In the case of drag racing this unit allows you to lay down on a a street bike and still shift.

And as far as road racing or street racing, be it closed circuit or on back country roads, this will give you faster and more consistent shifts without having to take your feet off the pegs. All this gives you some of the fastest times you ever had and moves you up to the front of the pack.

For those of us with a disability, this shifter means new found freedom. It gets us back out on the road and riding in a safe way and allows us to have both hands on the handlebars instead of using a hand shifter.


Electronic Shifer Kit, UK 1" B ON Bar, UK 1" B U Bar, UK 1" B U Bar – For 2015 & Newe, UK 1" B U Bar w/FLH Kit, UK 7/8" B On Bar, UK 7/8" B Under Bar, UK 7/8" or 1" B U Bar/GW1500, UK 7/8" or 1" B U Bar/GW1800, UK1PAUB, UK7/8PAUB, UK w/ car kit switches

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