1800 Honda Goldwing

This gives a positive attachment from shift lever to actuator. With the actuator bolted into it’s holder the clevis cannot slip off the shift lever.

Bolt the actuator into its holder and position the actuator so you have equal length of stroke up and down.

GL 1800 shift lever to clevis connection

Use a cut off wheel to remove retainer button from end of shift lever and remove rubber. Slide the new 6 mm x 8 mm clevis on to the shift lever.

Then screw actuator rod into clevis and tighten the jam nut. The shift lever may need to be cleaned with some emery paper.

Insert ½” spacer behind foot peg bracket. Insert ¼” spacer between mounting tower and foot peg bracket and attach everything with the 8mm x 60 mm bolts supplied. Use some blue lock tite.

Install switch around handle bar between the grip and the control cluster. Rotate switch around handle bar to suit and fit the rider. Lead wire along handle bar, then under the top shelter, down along the left side and back to the battery area. Screw the connector into the proper receiver on the control box.

Side View of Completed GL 1800 Installation
Notice that the mounting bracket is attached to the tower at an angle as to move the pivot point of the mounting bracket as far forward as possible.

This achieves the best angle to the shift lever that is possible. This bike may look a bit different than the 1800 you are working on but it is a 2005 GL 1800. We just removed a few parts that we didn’t want any more.

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