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Why should I get a doctor's prescription?

For the Disabled Rider, a doctor’s prescription is invaluable to verify the need for your durable medical goods. Adaptations from this list are very useful, with a prescription presented to the VA, for payment, if you are 100% VA disabled. The DAV organization is the best contact to fight for your rights. The VA will try to deny the claim, but the law , at this time of March, 2016, says that they will pay for two vehicles to be adapted every four years. That includes either a bike and a car, a bike and a truck, or a car and a truck. This suggested list of MD adaptations carries a lot of weight for Workmen’s Comp. cases also. If someone in the family is still paying income tax, the prescription presented before purchase listing the needs of the rider, can be deducted under schedule “A” of your yearly filed income tax. The original script should be kept in a safe place and copied yearly to deduct all costs tied to the durable goods mentioned. The script is good for your lifetime. You are able to yearly deduct the cost of that purchased adaptation, the install costs, yearly upkeep, painting. The IRS needs your receipts and a copy of the script if you are ever audited for your out of pocket, schedule “A,” medical expenses.

Dr. Script for Disabled Rider

Rider needs to chose adaptations that are needed to help him/her to ride safely. Then take your list to MD and explain list is for tax write-off per 1991 ADA laws, of out of pocket expenses, or for VA or Workmen’s Comp. Script itemizes needs and says “medical necessity,” signed by MD. Doctor lists “needs” on script chosen from list below.

  • Kliktronic Electric Shifter R or L
  • Install kits for FLH Harley
  • Install kit for GW1500
  • Install kit for GE1800
  • K-2 dual brake R or L side or
  • K-2 dual clutch/brake R or L side
  • prosthetic “hand” with quick release connection
  • Auto Clutch (I offer 2 different ones to specifically fit your bike)
  • R heel guard: keeps feet on floorboards for someone that lacks muscle control
  • L heel guard: see above
  • Heli Bars, for shoulder stress and Wrist problems
  • Trigg Trike Bolt On Kit
  • Leg Up Landing Gear gen. 2 for H-D & GW 1500, GW 1800
  • Bushtec Bunkhouse Motorcycle Trailer- easy ground access entrance with queen/king bed off ground good for arthritis and other physical needs
  • Qui Motorcycle & Driving Gloves for pain in hands- some sizes not available
  • Reverse gear by Champion or
  • Reverse gear by Aim
  • Trailer, pull behind motorcycle Inclosed ( to carry wheel chair etc.)
  • Trailer Hitch
  • Mustang Seats and Bike Accessories
  • Condor Products-Motorcycle ramps and Lifts featuring the New-Chicagoland-T-Lift-Ramps-And-Trailer and one man Motorcycle Wheel Lock
  • Floor board R, L, and floor board extenders if needed
  • Windshield
  • Wheelchair support, or strap onto luggage rack
  • Trike or trike conversion kit-can take off price, painting, install, upkeep for your lifetime
  • Heated Suit and/or heated gloves
  • Air Hawk Seat System by Roho
  • slip on Button closing gloves then sew some Velcro for palms of gloves and soft side Velcro on the handlebars for limbs that can’t grip the handlebar

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